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GROUP - Personal

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Brocco Li
Xiang Lei Feng Tohgzhi Xuexi
Index of /
Micah Sittig - China, California, Books
msittig's Xanga Site

GROUP - Friends

Simon Willison's Weblog
rain's journal
Shaaarii's LiveJournal
ani_sittig's Xanga site

GROUP - Chinese News

:: 新华网 ::
Home Page --- People' Daily Online English Edition
Language Tips

GROUP - Link Collections
everlasting blort - diving for the wisdom of pearls in your eyes

Thorn Tree Lonely Planet | East Asia Branch
China Leadership Monitor

DUMP November2002

MIT OpenCourseWare | Home
Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
Modern Chinese Literature and Culture
Chinese Popular Culture
Groove|Asia Popcharts : Number 1
The MS TKG Chinese Politics Site
Brookings Institution Press, Main Index心得集

DUMP Dec 2002

LII: Supreme Court Collection Home
Are You in Love? Drama Page
Hokey Spokes - Bicycle Safety Lights with LED spoke lights for your bike
dzygners' forums - powered by XMB
Bags Unlimited - Product Detail Poetry » Archive » Walt Whitman » "Song Of Myself"
DefenseLINK News: News Transcripts
X-lan dot org · Hosting
Japanese WWW Page viewer

DUMP - Feb 2003

Tufts, Michigan, Peace Corp applications
Georgetown online application
GWU Online Application Login
American Uni Online Application Login

DUMP - May 2003

Peter A Hoff Homepage
Jason Hong - Graduate School Advice
Chinese Text Sampler: Readings in Chinese Literature, History, and Popular Culture
DEALL Graduate Students in Chinese 2002-2003 (Full Information)
Taiwanese Series Discussion Forum - Message Index
Asian American Empowerment:
LostCircuits, Mainboard Reviews
URL Encoding

DUMP - June 2003

Lonely Planet Online | Help
Dancehall Checker
Mooncalf v 2.1
How to Choose a Good Password
Linux Media

DUMP - September 2003

Chinese/Japanese/Korean dramas on TV
Searching for Civil Society
Lianhuanhua Picture Stories From China
Ling Lung 1931 to 1937 - TV Tuner card - advice? - where Linux newbies come for help
Welcome to Linux

DUMP Oct 2003

IMF/World Bank Comprehensive Review of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSP) Approach
Nixon and Kissinger's Private Banter With Brezhnev and Mao
1Up Info - China - Education Policy | Chinese Information Resource
Earth Science Applications Directorate - MrSID Image Server
Japan Student Associaiton --== Living in Ann Arbor ==--
SACU - Slogans


Charlie Chan's Revenge
clagnut - stick around why don't you
Daily Asian Pop MP3s' LiveJournal -- Entries (azaleas & so on)
LA Blogs . com
Speaking of China Journal
Cozzen's Themes, Dreams and Crazy Schemes
Tiger Cafe (English/Chinese)
You take romance, I'll take Mello Yello.
gomi no sensei

NOT SO HOT Weblogs

Notes of an Iranian girl
Editor: Myself - Hoder's English Blog
The Pjammer Chronicles
little. yellow. different.
Ginny =)
borders group employees' LiveJournal -- Entries
Beijing and SARS :: Beijing Time
Hiptop Nation [two point o] - shameless vanity site
For the ride...


China's One-Child Policy Now a Double Standard (
Which Language To Study at Occidental
What Work Is
The New Calculus of Diversity on Campus

The Zhao Ziyang Letter
The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics: Articles by Category: Library of Economics and Liberty
A graduate school survival guide: "So long, and thanks for the Ph.D!"
Time Management Talk
Yahoo! Maps
Language Grants - Blakemore Freeman Fellowships
Big J's Linux
Radio 4 U
BBC News | ASIA-PACIFIC | Betel Chicks Hot and Bothered