Dekichatta Kekkon - shotgun love
japanese title


Broadcast Start: July 02, 2001 - 21:00 ~ 21:54 (FUJI TV)
Cast Members: Takenouchi Yutaka, Hirosue Ryoko, Ishida Yuriko, Abe Hiro, Katase Nana, Kinomi Nana, etc.
Theme Song: "IS IT YOU?" sung by: hitomi (08.22.2001 on sale)


One day, out of the blue, a man is told by a woman whom he doesn't know very well (simply put, he has just forgotten who she is), that she is pregnant with his child. From just one event, the fate of a new life is placed into their hands.

They are a couple who do not know each other very well, and furthermore, are not even dating. To such a couple, after "just once", they are faced with a child of their own. They had not even been in the process of considering marriage. If it were you, what would you do?

This is a humourous comedy about this couple.

Synopsis #01
= july 02, 2001 (mon) on air = VIEWER RATINGS: average = 21.8% / highest reached = 24.4% at 9:29 PM

On the roof of a department store, Hirao ryunosuke (Taknouchi Yutaka) and Otani Chiyo (Hirosue Ryoko) are facing each other with a serious expression. Chiyo points to her stomach, and struggles to say the words, "I'm pregnant". ryunosuke is shocked. After all, the two of them were not lovers, nor were they dating. it's just...because of an event that occured a few weeks earlier...

Ryunosuke, a CM (commercial) director, had received a phone call one day, saying that Kawaguchi Hidetarou, an upperclassmen from his college days, would be having a get-together at the beach. ryunosuke had been facing a deadline, and needed to finish the commercial he had been working on, but was unable to turn down the invitation...because he learned that there would be young girls in their 20s attending also.

He attended the party. The summer front of a smiling, ryunosuke stands Chiyo, who works at the department store, and her friend Arimori Misato (Katase Nana). Hidetaro looks on, standing with his girlfriend and Chiyo's older sister, Otani Aki (Ishida Yuriko). ryunosuke greets Chiyo and Misato, and begins his "approach". Though he seems to get along with Misato better, she is attracted to another friend of theirs. With such a 3:3 ratio of male to female, this leaves ryunosuke and Chiyo no other choice but to get along. Aki warns her younger sister that it's better not to end up with Ryunosuke, but nonetheless, the two get together.

And then a few weeks later, things get revealed...

Tokyo Chuunichi Sports Newspaper (05.05.2001 edition)

Takenouchi Yutaka and Hirosue Ryoko will be starring together in Fuji Terebi drama about "Dekichatta Kon", beginning in July till September, in the Monday-9PM time slot.

In the drama, Takenouchi and Hirosue will co-star in this story, which revolves around the theme of being pregnant before marriage. This news was revealed on the (may) 4th.

Super-celebrities Kimura Takuya and Komuro Tetsuya both have announced their "dekichatta kon" recently, and so it is not unrealistic for such a thing to happen within the celebrity world also. It seems as though this drama theme will gather much attention by the public.

The title is tentatively announced as "Kyu-ka getsu de Propose" (Propose at Nine Months). Takenouchi and Hirosue have starred in another Fuji TV Monday-9PM drama in 1997, during July-September, called "Beach Boys", which was a great hit.

In "Beach Boys", Takenouchi and Sorimachi were the main stars, and Hirosue appeared as a heroine. Takenouchi and Hirosue will be able to be seen again, this time as co-stars, which is a fresh approach.

Recently, these two have been pursuing careers in the movie industry, paving their way as actor and actress. Takenouchi will be in the movie, scheduled to air this fall called, "Reisei to Jyounetsu no Aida", making his big screen debut. The filming is taking place in Florence, Italy, and is quite genuine in making, as he will even speak lines in Italian.

On the other hand, Hirosue starred in the movie "Popoya" two years ago, which received great reviews, and will be in a French production entitled, "WASABI", co-starring with world-acclaimed actor, Jean Reno. This will mark her international debut.

Fans shall look forward to seeing these two together in their new drama, this summer.