First Love

Wednesdays at 22

Station: Fuji TV

Number of Episodes: 11

Duration: April to July 2002

Theme song: "Sakura Drops" by Utada Hikaru


The Cast

  1. Kyoko Fukada as EZAWA KASUMI (The Student)
  2. Watabe Atsurou as TOHDOH NAO(The Teacher)
  3. Ikeuchi Hiroyuki as KIBA SEIICHI
  4. Wakui Em as GOMI TAEKO

The Story

Source: Kouseiya's Japanese drama synopses

From what I got out of the first episode, Fukada Kyoko plays a girl telling a story of her middle school crush: her teacher. He kinda falls for her too, and one day after school in the classroom, they kiss. Some girl watches them, but I think she had a crush on the teacher too. She goes to the locker room, pops a bunch of pills and collapses. After this, the teacher resigns and leaves town. Fukada runs after him at the train yelling,"WHY? WHY? WHY?" and he barely looks at her as the train pulls off. Five years later, she's about 20 and works for a wedding planning business. Somehow they meet again (I missed this part). But guess who her old crush is dating?? HER SISTER!!!! Hehehehehehe, this might actually be good!

Source: Jampop Network

A remake of the popular dorama Majou No Juken (Terms of a Witch) will premiere next week on the Japanese TV network TBS. The dorama has been renamed First Love after the popular theme song of the original by Utada Hikaru. The plot, however, will stay the same and will be about the love between a teacher and a high school student, a very taboo subject in most cultures. The roles are reversed in this version. In the original, Matsushima Nanako played the teacher and Hideaki Takizawa played the student. In this version, popular dorama actor Watabe Atsurou plays the teacher and Fukada Kyoko plays the student. First Love also stars Ikeuchi Hiroyuki and Wakui Emi. As for the theme song, it will be "Sakura Drops", the latest single from Utada Hikaru, scheduled for released on May 9th.