Half-way done with year of change

My problems aren't gone, but I'm getting to know myself better and take care of myself. Just being less judgemental in general. Time to hustle.

The year of change

I finally got into therapy. I'm not sure yet if it's the cause of change, or the symptom, but I'm feeling better about myself this year. Have somebody non-judgemental to talk to who is giving me lots of tools to cope and also to change myself. It's getting better, at least I really hope so. Maybe I'm not so hopeless after all.

Relationship with Jodi is better. We may not have all of our problems solved, but we're learning to work with each other.

I'm really bad at this distance learning thing. Need to be a better example for the girls. Funny how I was worried they were falling behind in acacademics, now they are doing their own thing and it's OK with me. They're turning out great.

Getting into the schoolyear

I'm falling into some old habits, breaking in some new ones.

Jodi's leaving the position she started last month. Whatever. Support her and what she feels is best for her. Still got major respect for her.

The girls are doing well at public school. Worried that they're falling behind a little bit in academics. Need to start modeling Chinese study for them. Wonder if there's any students of Chinese on SDF.