With Love Synopses

These synopses were composed by Shuji, the patron saint of Japanese drama. They are mirrored here for their preservation. Another mirror is the French mirror. Try this link to Search for "With Love" on eBay.

Episode 1

Hasegawa Takashi (Takenouchi Yutaka) is a producer of commercial songs who has made a number of hit songs.

His boss is Furukawa Eiko, who owns AVA, which is an office dealing with music. Takashi's only job is to do what he's told and make songs whenever they are needed. Takashi didn't think anything of it but Kinoshita Kentaro(Kawaoka Daijiro), who is a high school kid that just got a part-time job with AVA, disagrees since he was a big fan of Takashi from when he was the guitarist for a legendary band called ASH, before.

After finishing recording, Takashi went on his way back to the office. There by the elevator stood Murakami Amane (Tanaka Misato), who is in her third year as an employee of a bank. Her everyday schedule consists of going to work and then going home. Takashi turns around in Amane's direction and says, " Good Morning!" but Amane doesn't say anything back. That's because Takashi was talking to Midori(Hara Sachie), who also works for AVA. In the elevator, she jokes around by saying sarcastically, "You worked too hard last night, didn't you?" and when Takashi, Midori, and Amane all got off at the same floor, Amane sees Takashi and Midori going into a room called "AVA" and she misunderstands that he is an adult video actor.

Today was Amane's birthday, but the party which was supposed to be held for her by her high school buddies was suddenly cancelled and so Megumi, who also started working for the bank the same year as Amane, invited her to a meeting with 3 elite businessmen and so they all go. During the meeting, Amane was the only one who didn't say a word but, Yoshida Haruhiko(Oikawa Mitsuhiro) had fallen for her. But suddenly, Amane leaves the meeting and Megumi thinks that Amane is still heartbroken over her break-up with Mr. Nomura, who had gone out with Amane in order to get her involved into an embezzlement scheme. It was something she didn't want to think about anymore.

In order to get Amane alone with Yoshida-san, Megumi and her other friends all leave in the same taxi, leaving the two alone. They go into a nearby bar and talk there for a while until a fight between a male and female breaks out behind them and the female throws her drink at the male and leaves. It so happens that some of the drink got onto Amane's clothes, and just before the male leaves too, he hands her a handkerchief and says sorry. That guy turns out to be Takashi, who Amane saw this morning. Then, Amane and Yoshida-san leave and go off in a taxi. Amane wants to go home but Yoshida-san tells the taxi driver to go to a place in Shinjuku famous for its love hotels. Amane stops the taxi and runs off.

When Amane arrives home, she turns on her computer, which has become her hobby, and checks for any messages only to find prank messages. But there is one message from "hata@......" with a beautiful melody attached to it. Amane falls in love with this melody and wonders who would send her something so beautiful like this.

The next day, Amane sees Takashi getting off his car. She decides to give him back his handkerchief, but it seems that he doesn't remember the incident yesterday. Nevertheless, he takes the handkerchief and says "It really helps" and uses it to take the bird poop off the side-mirror of his car. In the car is famous TOKYO FM DJ Imai Kaori(Fujiwara Norika). She thought that Amane had some kind of relationship with Takashi, but Amane explains everything that happened the day before.

Amane finally gets the courage to write back to "hata@....." and writes, "Thank you for the beautiful melody. I am pretty sure that you just made a mistake sending this to me. It really warmed my heart." Teru Teru Bozu

After that, Amane wrote to "hata@......." a number of times but never got a reply. When Takashi went to AVA the next day, he finds out that the file he sent didn't arrive yet and realized that he had just made a mistake with the e-mail address since it contained a number of confusing letters and numbers. When he arrives home, he realizes that someone has sent him some messages and when he started to read them, it was like time stopped inside of him. When he read the part "It really warmed my heart", it reminded him of Rina and her last words to him before she left him six years ago. Rina was the vocalist of the legendary band ASH, in which Takashi was the lead guitarist. He threw away the message in order to forget.

But the next day, Amane is surprised to get a message from "hata@......". The contents read "WHO ARE YOU?"