With Love Synopses

Episode 3

In response to Amane's question "WHO ARE YOU?", Takashi wrote, "I am a former music producer and now teach music to kids at an elementary school in my hometown." After reading this, Amane was very moved. On the other hand, Takashi was very shocked after hearing that his boss, Furukawa Eiko, used money in order to bribe the officials of the competition to choose Takashi's song over Horii Hikaru's song. He started getting mad at his boss but she responsed by saying, "That's the kind of world you live in , Takashi." Those words stuck in his mind for a few days.

The next afternoon, Takashi and Amane meet in the elevator and head for the same restaurant where they are both supposed to meet their fellow employees. Amane's friends see Takashi and her walking together and start misunderstanding their relationship. Takashi goes straight to the table where his boss is waiting and Amane starts listening to their conversation and is very surprised to hear that Takashi is a famous producer for commercial songs. In her mind is the message she received yesterday from hata.

That day, many kinds of customers came to the bank. For example, there was one customer who wanted to deposit 1 million yen and just for fun, the customer hid one ten-thousand yen bill and Amane the whole time was wondering why there was only ninety-nine thousand yen. She went home all tired.

On the other hand, Takashi was having problems with a bossy client who would never agree with what Takashi made and would always change his mind. Like Amane, Takashi went home all tired.

When Takashi arrived home and checked for any messages, he found one from Teru Teru Bozu which read "hata, what kind of music do you like? Right now, I am listening to chanson by Piaf quite often.". Although hata and Teru Teru Bozu didn't know too much about each other, they would wait desperately for messages from one another. This mail thing was getting quite serious.

On the other hand, Amane was having trouble with her boss, Mr. Konishi since Yoshida-san was coming to the bank everyday just to see Amane, so her boss kept on insisting to make an account for him but didn't know that Yoshida-san was in love with Amane. She doesn't know what to do so she discusses this with hata. Hata tells her to go out with the guy once and see what kind of person he is,and so Amane takes his advice.

Amane and Yoshida-san go to a Vietnamese Restaurant and for the first time, a smile broke out on Amane's face while talking about her experiences in France. And after that date, Yoshida-san didn't come to visit Amane at the bank for a week. After that week subsided, Yoshida-san comes to the bank and shows Amane some money from France and this surprises Amane. It seems that Yoshida-san had been to France before for work.

On the other hand, Takashi's boss notices that something is wrong with Takashi's music and tells him, "You haven't been in love recently, have you, Takashi?" She asks him this because Takashi hasn't been able to make a decent love song. As Takashi walks out of the building, he sees Amane walking in the same direction and also finds out that she is heading for the same hotel he is going to, so he tells her to get in the car and they head off. During the ride, he hears Imai Kaori's voice on the radio introducing a song called "Miniature Garden" by Ash, which was the hit song of the legendary group Takashi was in before, and after the song finished, Kaori explained that now , the former guitarist, Hasegawa Takashi is a famous commercial song producer and everyone has definitely seen one of those hit commercials. This really surprises Amane, who is sitting right next to Takashi in the car. Takashi the whole time was thinking about Rina, who was the vocalist for Ash.

In the bathroom of the hotel, Amane hears the sound of a cellular phone and a young girl speaking on it. The girl was talking to a friend about Takashi. She said "Even if I don't get the job(as a vocalist), I'd be lucky if I can go to bed with him." Amane was really mad at Yoshida-san, who told her, "I don't think two people can really know each other unless they have sex" and goes home by herself. Before walking out of the hotel, she sees Takashi with Kubota Naomi(Yamada Mariya), who was the girl she saw in the bathroom. In his hand was the key to a hotel room. After that, she started thinking really ill of Takashi.

But as Naomi and Takashi were getting off the elevator, he tells her that he needs to go buy some cigarettes, so to go in the room and wait for him. He then drives off in his car.