With Love Synopses

Episode 4

After running away from Naomi, Takashi drives home and the first thing he does is check for any new messages. He finds one from Teru Teru Bozu. It starts off saying "How are you doing? I wanted to ask you what I should do in order to enjoy music more on my computer?", and Takashi responds by saying "Well, first, you ought to go out and buy a new speaker". The next day, Takashi spots Amane at the computer shop and finds out that she is looking for a speaker. Amane still remembers seeing Takashi with Naomi and so she doesn't want to talk to Takashi and leaves as soon as possible. On the other hand, Takashi's boss tries to help Takashi by saying "When making the CD, why don't you think of a situation from the beginning of love to the end of love?".

At the bank, Yoshida appears in front of Amane once again. Amane still remembers the words of Yoshida-san of the night before, "Two people need to make love in order to know each other better, don't you think?". Yoshida asks Amane, "Do you have time today?" and Amane tries to ignore him but Yoshida goes out leaving his resume and health records in order for Amane to know more about him.

When Amane returns home, she connects the new speakers to the computer and begins listening to the melody hata sent her by accident and is moved by how much more beautiful it sounds to her. Takashi goes to the CD shop and a woman who says she knows Takashi invites him to go to a hotel together but Takashi says "Love will not emerge from a hotel room" and leaves to go home. When he gets home, he has a phone call from Kaori. He then checks for messages and has another one from Teru Teru Bozu with a cute little picture of a teru teru bozu attached to it and Takashi laughs.

The next day, Amane is suddenly forced to go to the AVA office with her boss and has to take the blame for a mistake her boss made. It was a really bad day for Amane but after work finished, she decides to wait for her boss with her buddies and her boss apologizes to her by giving all of them money in return. They use that money to go to a dance club, where they are surprised to see Takashi, Midori, and Kentaro. Amane and Takashi were sitting next to each other since they didn't feel like dancing but didn't talk to each other that much. Takashi was scolding her for taking the money from her boss, but everytime, Amane would blame her friends. This was the truth, but Takashi wasn't believing any of it. Takashi thought Amane always blamed her friends for everything in order to escape.

The next day, Kaori visits Takashi and tells her that they may have found Rina but Takashi pretends not to care. Before Kaori leaves, she tell him that Rina was spotted at Haneda Airport, but that was 2 years ago. Takashi then makes a song called "so long" which were Rina's last words to him before she left. She wrote those words on a teru teru bozu and so that is why Takashi suspects that Amane is Rina instead. He sends Teru Teru Bozu a copy of the song and she suspects that he won't be writing her anymore but that was not true. But Amane was surprised that an elementary school music teacher would make such a sad song.

Amane meets with Yoshida-san and tells him ,"I am pretty sure there are many other girls that would like you instead of me", but he responds by saying "I am very serious about you". Takashi decides to tell Teru Teru Bozu about his past life and about Rina and tells her "Maybe the reason why I wasn't able to understand anything was because our bodies became one."

At work, Amane is called by her friends to a restarant and when she arrives, she realizes that there are a lot of open seats and finds out that Yoshida-san is coming too. But Megumi tells her that they have found a way to get rid of Yoshida-san and his following Amane all the time. Then they see Takashi and his friends come through the door and it seems that he also doesn't know what is going on. They explain to both Amane and Takashi that Takashi is to be Amane's boyfriend in order to get rid of Yoshida-san and right as Takashi was trying to leave, Yoshida-san walks through the door. In front of Yoshida-san, Takashi kisses Amane and they both walk out. Outside, Amane slaps Takashi for doing such a thing but he blames Amane for being so naive.

Upon arriving home, Amane writes to hata saying, "I've come this far by running away from my problems. It was like this in my last relationship also. I feel that I am not the victim, but the assailant." After reading this, Takashi felt like he was stabbed in the heart since he felt exactly the same way. Takashi starts feeling for Teru Teru Bozu and sends her a message which ends with the statement "I want to know more about you".