With Love Synopses

Episode 8

Takashi was still depressed over the message he received from Teru Teru Bozu saying that she didn't feel a thing when listening to his music. He wondered why she would write such a thing. On the other hand, Kinoshita Kentaro, who was working a part-time job with AVA, was given the task of producing a song for a company. Usually, Takashi does all of the producing but his boss, Furukawa Eiko, wanted Takashi to concentrate on the CD he was working on.

At the bank, Yoshida-san came by to see Amane. He hands her two pet bottles with change inside. Amane told him that she sent him a message in the morning. but since Yoshida-san is not hata, he didn't know. So he asked her what she wrote. He told her "I thought that we didn't need the computer anymore because we have already met in person."

Amane gets home and checks for messages; something she hasn't done in quite a while after finding out that hata was Yoshida-san. She is surprised to get a message and thought it was from hata but the contents read," Beware of a guy called hata, who uses internet to trick girls into believing that he is an elementary school music teacher. He then cheats them out of their money and abuses them." Kaori was the one responsible for sending this message to her. Amane forwards the message to hata, and then decides to meet with Yoshida-san to talk about it. Takashi receives the message that Amane forwarded to hata at his place and is surprised since he never had that kind of intention. He checks with Midori about this and finds out who sent the message in the first place. He calls Kaori and tells her to come to his place as soon as possible.

Amane meets with Yoshida-san and tells him to stop calling her and writing her e-mail messages. He tried to explain that the message about hata was false, but Amane could no longer believe him and tried to leave. Yoshida-san stops her and tells her the truth; that he isn't hata. Amane is happy since Yoshida-san wasn't hata, but Yoshida-san tries to convince her that hata is a naughty person who tries to cheat girls. Amane doesn't listen, and is disgusted with him.

Takashi meets with Kaori at his place and asks her why she wrote such a message and sent it to Teru Teru Bozu. Kaori told him that that was the only way she could compete against Teru Teru Bozu. She then told Takashi that he uses women as tools for making music and nothing more. Kaori tells him, "Takashi, you are a man incapable of falling in love with anyone." Takashi is really shocked to hear this. This may have been the truth.

Over at the bank, Amane is hit by a customer who complains that her bank account booklet was stolen by someone and 5 million yen was withdrawn from it. She blamed the bank for this mistake and Amane apologized and took all the blame. She felt really weak after this, and started crying inside of a telephone booth after calling her friend. Takashi happened to see her and handed her a handkerchief. Takashi invited her to dinner, but she said that she wasn't hungry. Takashi also said that he wasn't hungry, so they bought some food at a convenience store and sat on a bench outside.

Amane tells Takashi that there is someone she wants to meet but she is too scared. Takashi also feels the same way and tells her that if they meet, everything will be clear. Of course, Amane was talking about the message she received about hata being a cheater of women.

When Takashi arrives home, he writes Teru Teru Bozu a message that he wants to meet her tomorrow night in front of the Statue of Liberty in Odaiba. Amane agrees. But the next day as Amane was heading for the Statue of Liberty, she is stopped by her boss. He told her that the guy who stole 5 million yen from the lady's account had been found and since Amane was involved, she had to go to the police with him.

Takashi waited for Teru Teru Bozu but she didn't come. He waited the whole time and even when it started to rain, he was still waiting.