With Love Synopses

Episode 11

At Amane and Yoshida-san's engagement party, Takashi plays "Once in a Blue Moon" on the piano and Amane finds out that Takashi is hata. She runs out of the room towards Takashi and calls him by the name hata and he turns around to find out that Amane was Teru Teru Bozu the whole time. But Takashi says to Amane, "What are you talking about? I think you're looking for someone else" and leaves on his car.

That night, the two look back on what has happened. There were the good times and the bad times. Amane was really disappointed that Takashi denied he was hata.

Amane sends a message to Takashi saying "I have finally found out the meaning behind the pen name,hata. Ha(segawa) Ta(kashi). Please write back as soon as possible." But Takashi didn't write to her or feel like writing to Amane. Amane wanted to believe that Takashi was hata and listened to "Once in a Blue Moon".

The next morning, when Takashi walked into AVA, he finds Yoshida-san sitting on a chair waiting for him. Yoshida-san feels really suspicious about Amane and Takashi's relationship and the incident during the engagement party where Amane ran out to see Takashi. Yoshida-san tells Takashi that Amane was in love with a guy called hata whom she never met before. He then asks Takashi what he thought of Amane and Takashi said, "I don't have any interest in her." But inside, he thought, "But hata does."

On the other hand, Amane was in love with Takashi and couldn't help it. She decides to call Takashi but he tells her that he isn't hata. But Amane says, "But then how could you have played 'Once In a Blue Moon'?" Takashi tells her that a friend from Ash made the song and he was living in Kyushu. At the end, Takashi tells Amane, "Look, you made the decision to get in that plane to Paris. There's no way you can turn back" and hangs up.

That night, Amane gets a phone call from Tomomi and she comes over. Amane tells Tomomi about her relationship with Hasegawa Takashi and Tomomi says, "I think it was good that you were able to dream for awhile. But it seems that Hasegawa Takashi woke up from that dream a little earlier. I think you and Yoshida-san make a great couple. Good luck!" But Amane still didn't know why Takashi wouldn't say that he was hata.

Early the next day, Amane visits Kaori and wants to ask her about the band Takashi was in before, Ash. She wanted to know if there was a member who taught music to children in Kyushu. When Amane gets back from work, there is a message from Kaori.

That night, Takashi was the guest for Kaori's radio program. They first play "Once in a Blue Moon". Kaori tells Takashi that Amane visited her. Kaori also found out that Takashi was hata and Amane was Teru Teru Bozu. Kaori asks Takashi why he denies that he is hata when he really is. After the song finishes, Kaori plays "Miniature Garden" by Ash. She says to the listeners, "Please compare these 2 songs. This is a song from six years ago by Ash." Then Kaori tells him that he is stuck in a box, just like he was six years ago when Rina left him. "This is your chance. Don't let her(Amane) go. You will regret it forever". Amane was listening to "Miniature Garden" in her room with tears in her eyes.

The next morning, Yoshida-san picks Amane up at her apartment and they go off in a taxi. Takashi wakes up and finds a message from Amane with no subject. It reads "To hata-san. Thank you very much for everything you have done for me. Today, I will be going off to Paris with Yoshida-san...Teru Teru Bozu was in love with hata. Hata's words helped me through the bad times and gave me courage. Hasegawa Takashi's music will always be in my heart. Murakami Amane" and next to her name was a picture of a Teru Teru Bozu.

Takashi read this and decided to go after Amane. But right as he was about to leave his room, he got a phone call. He listens to the voice and discovers that it is Rina! Takashi can't believe it.