With Love Synopses

Episode 12

Amane ended up going to Paris with Yoshida-san, still depressed over not being able to be together with Takashi(hata). Takashi knew that Amane was Teru Teru Bozu but he didn't want to ruin Yoshida-san's happiness. He remembered how it was when he was with Rina.

But when Takashi read the last message that Amane sent him the day she was to leave, he changed his mind and decided to go after her. Then he gets a phone call and hears Rina's voice on his answering machine. When he answers the call, Rina tells Takashi that she wants to meet him, and would be waiting for him.

At Narita International Airport, Amane is surprised to see her father. He gives Yoshida-san some pickled plums and wishes them well. But Amane couldn't say anything because she was still thinking about Takashi. She wanted Takashi to come.

Takashi meets with Rina. Rina tells Takashi that he hasn't changed. But as usual, Takashi didn't say anything. Rina tells Takashi that the other day, she heard his song "Once In a Blue Moon" and automatically knew that he was in love. It was the same when he made "Miniature Garden" for Rina, during Ash's days. Takashi tells Rina that he didn't understand the reason why she ran out on him after being so close to each other. Rina answers, "Maybe it was because we were too close." Rina tells Takashi that she is a mother now and has twins. Takashi was very happy for her. Rina was in Tokyo only for a while, and had to fly back to the country, where she lived.

Meanwhile, Amane and Yoshida-san arrived in Paris. They stayed at the same hotel, but in different rooms. But it seemed that Amane was more happy to be in Paris then to be with Yoshida-san.

That night, Kaori was standing in front of Takashi's place when he came back. He invited her in, and knew that Kaori was the one who gave Rina his phone number. It seems that Rina listened to Takashi's "Once In a Blue Moon" and called the radio station. But Kaori got mad at Takashi. She said, "If you have the time to thank me, go to Paris and find Amane!". Kaori was deeply in love with Takashi, but Takashi was in love with Amane. She wanted Takashi to be happy, and not experience the same thing again.

That night in Paris, Yoshida-san had a talk with Amane. He finds out that ever since coming to Paris, Amane hasn't stepped out of her hotel room. But in order to forget about Takashi, she tells Yoshida-san that she wants to stay in the same hotel room as him. He tells her to take off her clothes and get into bed. She started taking off her clothes but Yoshida-san stops her because he knows that Takashi is on her mind. He hands her a plane ticket to Japan and allows her to go back to her hotel room. Yoshida-san wanted to show his kindness to Amane.

On the other hand, Takashi's boss, Furukawa Eiko, visits Takashi's place. She tells him that a famous French musician wants Takashi to come to Paris to work with her. This musician was the same person that Amane went to go see with Takashi a while back. Takashi thought that it was a good opportunity to look for Amane and so he agreed. But when he went to Paris, he met Yoshida-san. Yoshida-san told him that Amane went back to Japan to look for Takashi. Takashi was a bit confused and didn't know what to do.

Amane returned to Japan and went to her hometown. The people of the town were surprised that she came back so quickly, not knowing the true story. She visits her parents and talks to them about what happened. Her father cannot forgive her and starts drinking alcohol at a fast pace. Her mother, on the other hand, tries to understand her daughter.

While cleaning up the room, Amane hears Kaori's voice on the radio and starts listening. Kaori says "Here is a request from Yoshida-san in Paris to Teru Teru Bozu. Please be yourself. You don't have to worry about me. I don't regret a single thing", and Kaori agrees.

Amane decides to call Takashi, not knowing that he is in Paris. She decides to go back to Tokyo to look for Takashi but is not successful. She goes to the building where they both worked but was unlucky. But then Amane suddenly hears the sound of a piano. She walks toward that sound and goes into a concert hall to see someone playing "Once In a Blue Moon". When she goes a little closer, she sees that it is Takashi playing the piano! She has tears in her eyes. She finally found Takashi. In the middle of playing the tune, Takashi turns around to see Amane and stops playing.

Amane says in a loud voice "hata-san!!". Amane then says, "I'm afraid you have the wrong e-mail address. But this song (Once In a Blue Moon) is very beautiful and it warmed my heart." This happened to be the very first message Amane sent to Takashi.

They start going over past messages and both remember every single word. They go outside and are still exchanging past messag of the building and are still exchanging past messages. Then Takashi looks Amane in the eyes and says "I want to know more about you." They go to the top of the building and are still exchanging messages.

Takashi says, "I thought that if I didn't lie, that I couldn't be myself. My heart must have been lonely" and Amane repeats the same thing. Takashi says "I don't want to lie anymore" and Amane says the same thing. Amane says, "hata's words soothed me" and Takashi repeats. "hata's words gave me courage" and Takashi repeats. "hata's words helped me through the tough times" and Takashi repeated. Takashi says "Teru Teru Bozu's words will always be in my heart" and in tears, Amane says "hata's words will always be in my heart".

Takashi says "So you were Teru Teru Bozu the whole time" and still in tears, Amane says "And you were hata" and they embrace.

The next morning, Amane goes to the bank but not for work. She has to file some documents. Her friends find out that she canceled her marriage to Yoshida-san. Amane tells them that since she already gave her boss a letter saying that she will quit, she couldn't work for the bank anymore.

But the new boss wanted Amane back. He heard from an old lady that Amane was the nicest employee around and they needed more people like her. So Amane started working at the bank again and she had a big smile on her face.

Takashi was in Paris working with Joanne Ricar to produce music for an upcoming movie in France. He writes Amane from his laptop and says that he doesn't have much time to think about anything else but music. But Takashi also tells Amane that he is always thinking of her. He says that he is sitting right in front of where the Statue of Liberty should be (it is currently in Odaiba) and is eating a sandwich. Amane replies by saying that she ate the same sandwich in front of the Statue of Liberty that should be in France.

Takashi signed the message "Takashi in Paris with love" and Amane signed it "Amane in Tokyo with love". Distance-wise, Amane and Takashi may be far away but their hearts were close.