With Love Synopses

Episode 7

At Tokyo Tower, Teru Teru Bozu and hata were supposed to meet. When the so-called hata arrives, it turns out to be Yoshida-san, and Amane is shocked. Yoshida-san and hata's image were totally different.

On the other hand, Takashi invited a famous pianist to play one of his songs to put on his album. He was so nervous. Amane was too shocked that hata was Yoshida-san and couldn't help asking questions to check if it was really him. To her surprise, he was able to answer every question with precise detail. It was all planned though. When Amane got home, for the first time, she didn't feel like writing to hata because she thought it was Yoshida-san.

Takashi was still staring at the last message that he received from Teru Teru Bozu saying "I will be in Japan for a little while" and had to leave to record and produce at Kawaguchi River.

That night, Yoshida-san goes to a bar and meets Kaori. Kaori tells him that Takashi will be at Kawaguchi River and that she plans to go there, although they broke up. That gives Yoshida an idea, and he decides to go there with Amane tomorrow.

The whole time, during the date, Yoshida-san was in a very good mood while Amane was still in shock. Although Yoshida-san was able to prove that he was "hata", Amane still couldn't believe him and by all means, didn't want to believe him. Yoshida wants Amane to go out with him. He also wants her to think about marriage when the time is right. Amane was shocked when Yoshida-san told her, "Now, the computer is no longer necessary".

On the other hand, Takashi was busy with producing, and his boss, Eiko, brought along the famous pianist who was to play one song produced by Takashi for Takashi's album. But after playing Takashi's song once, the pianist told him that the song had no message. "When I play your songs, I don't feel anything because there is no message". Takashi was shocked to hear this, but had to go to Kawaguchi River , where photographers would take pictures of him for the album. When he arrived, he was surprised to see that Amane and Yoshida-san were already there. Soon after, Kaori arrived, and Takashi didn't feel like speaking to her. Takashi told the pianist to give him some time, and he would fix the song. The pianist agreed. He had trust in Takashi, and knew things just weren't going his way.

Kaori stopped by to see how he was doing, and tempted him into the bed. At first, it was like Takashi needed Kaori but when he started thinking it over again, he decided against having sex after all, and Kaori was shocked. She said,"Takashi, those e-mail messages are only WORDS!", but Takashi didn't care.

On the other hand, Yoshida-san succeeded in getting Amane to go into a private room with him, but without Amane knowing that Yoshida-san had rented the room. He made it seem as though it wasn't their room, and that they were just checking out some nice building. It looked more like a cabin or something. But Amane wasn't feeling good about this. Then, Yoshida-san started talking about sleeping together again, and he tried to persuade Amane that the only way two people can truly know each other is for their bodies to become one. This contradicted what hata had written to Amane in an earlier message. Amane still did not want to believe that Yoshida-san was "hata" so she said, "Those are not the words of hata" and ran off.

Takashi remembered the words of Teru Teru Bozu "This beautiful melody you accidentally sent me is still a treasure to me. It warmed my heart." This made Takashi work even harder and started making a song. Outside, the famous pianist was listening while Takashi was playing the piano. The pianist said, "Finally, I am able to see what you are trying to say while playing the song", and Takashi was relieved.

While back in his room writing the notes for the song, he realized that window was open and all his papers were blowing outside. Meanwhile, Kaori sat in her car under Takashi's window, and one of the papers blew towards her. It had a Teru Teru Bozu mark that Takashi had drawn on the bottom of it, and she tore it off. Kaori was also shocked that Takashi was serious about this whole e-mail thing.

Takashi went outside to look for the papers but couldn't find them. Then he spotted Amane walking really slowly with a sad face. But he was too busy looking for the papers. She was wondering what he was doing and offered to help, but he said it didn't concern her. But she luckily found one of the papers. It turns out that Amane finds all of the papers, but Takashi is surprised when he finds that the last paper is missing the Teru Teru Bozu mark.

When Amane gets home, she begins to write to hata, but ends up deleting the message without sending it.

When Takashi returns home, he writes a message to Teru Teru Bozu and sends her the new song he wrote. He is surprised when he gets a message back saying, "Your songs have gone far away. I don't feel anything anymore". These were the same words of the famous pianist. But Takashi didn't know that Amane was saying this because she thought that hata was Yoshida-san.