With Love Synopses

Episode 2

The next day, Takashi stops by the bank Amane works at in order to open an account but the two don't know that they are the ones exchanging e-mail messages with each other. Amane listens to the melody every now and then while Takashi wants to think that Rina is the one sending him the messages signed by Teru Teru Bozu.

But while Amane is in the process of making a loan card for Takashi, she finds out that he is delinquent in payment for a credit card, and can't issue a card for him. Takashi denies all of this and leaves. After Takashi returns to the AVA office, he starts work on some music he needs to make for a competition with musical genius Horii Hikari, and whoever wins gets a CD deal. Takashi then sees Amane walk into the AVA office in order to apologize to him because she had made a mistake with another man who also had the name Hasegawa Takashi. But Takashi said it was alright and she didn't have to make an account for him. But Furukawa, his boss, said to just go along with it. When she arrived back to the bank, Yoshida-san was waiting for her.

When Takashi walks into the building the next day, he sees his boss talking and walking out of the building with Mr. Ito and Takashi becomes suspicious because his boss is in such a good mood. Mr. Ito is an official who represents Takashi. On the other hand, the bank Amane works at is in a panic. It seems that they are missing one receipt for 234,000 yen, and so Amane calls Yoshida-san and he says that he has it. They meet at a restaurant, but Yoshida tells her that it was a lie, and he only wanted to see her, and so she leaves in disgust. And, while on the taxi, she thinks that maybe she might have mistakenly handed it to Takashi and orders the taxi driver to go to the building.

But since Takashi was recording for a pianist, he wasn't able to talk to Amane at the moment. After recording, Takashi tells her that he had the receipt, but threw it away. She blames him, but Takashi tells her that it's her fault for mistakingly putting the receipt in Takashi's documents. Amane then goes to the trash can and finds the receipt.

Amane returns home tired and checks for any new messages but doesn't find any. She starts writing another message to hata. "What means most to you doesn't mean a thing to other people. Tomorrow is another day so let's do our best!" Takashi reads this messages still wanting to believe that Rina wrote it. Takashi then goes to a bar and is surprised to find a former bandmate, Sakamoto, there. He then tells Takashi that there is a rumor that Rina got married. Takashi is moved by this statement.

On the other hand, Amane hears from a friend, Tomomi, about an old granny who disguises herself as a high school girl or a young OL when exchanging e-mail messages with someone. So Amane sends Takashi a message saying, "I am a former OL and now live in Paris".

A few days later, Takashi receives a bouquet of flowers from Horii Hikaru, whom he was competing with for the CD deal. Hikaru calls saying, "Did you receive the flowers I sent you? It seems that they have selected your song. I have signed the check in place of Mr. Ito." There was a check for three million yen inside.

It turned out that Takashi's boss Furukawa bribed Ito in order for Takashi to get the CD deal. She says that "No matter how good Takashi's music might be, if it's not known to the world, it's just trash." Takashi is upset about this, but Furukawa tells him, "That's the kind of world you live in, Takashi."