With Love Synopses

Episode 9

Takashi waited for Teru Teru Bozu and even after it started raining, he waited for her to come in front of the Statue of Liberty in Odaiba. At around midnight, Amane finally arrived at the Statue of Liberty, but all of the lights had been turned off and no one was there. But she found a keychain, shaped like a guitar, on the ground, and sadly went back home.

Amane was about to send a message to hata saying the truth about the reason why she couldn't make it on time, but right as she was about to send it, she got a message from hata. It said that he couldn't come because he had something really important to do. Amane wanted to think that hata was lying and was just being kind to her.

The next day, Amane goes to the police office and gives them the key, saying she found it in front of the Statue of Liberty in Odaiba. As she was leaving, she happened to see Takashi. They started walking towards their offices when they both saw a poster with the Statue of Liberty on it. They both stared at it, thinking about the day before. Takashi was wondering why Teru Teru Bozu didn't come while Amane was hoping that hata was just lying about the fact that he didn't come. She wanted to think that the keyholder was hata's.

Takashi was told that his sponsor decided to cancel the CD deal with Takashi. They couldn't trust Takashi to make the songs on time and were worried about the quality of the songs they would be receiving.

On the other hand, Amane was told by her boss that she could come to work in the afternoon because the day before, she had to go to the police office with him and so he thought she would be tired. But that wasn't so. When Amane arrived at the bank, someone else had taken her place. She was told by her boss to go outside the bank and hand out fliers for the bank's credit card campaign. Amane's fellow employees thought that he was being a little too hard on Amane, but he told them that this was also her job, no different than anyone else.

Takashi went to the police office to see if anyone had turned in his keyholder and was happy to find out that it was there. Takashi was hoping that he would be able to find out Teru Teru Bozu's identity, but the police told him that the woman who turned in his keyholder left without signing her name or anything. Takashi was shocked.

While handing out fliers, Amane happened to see Yoshida-san. But she didn't want to talk to him. She was still mad at him for disguising to be hata. But Yoshida-san told her that she was the liar. He said, "I know that I was wrong for disguising to be hata when I actually wasn't. I apologize for that. But you(Amane) told your e-mail partner that you are a former bank employee and now live in France. You have no right to call me a liar. You are the real liar!" Yoshida-san takes a couple of fliers to give to his fellow employees and leaves. Amane is shocked.

Amane was beginning to regret lying to hata in the first place. One lie was the beginning of their relationship. On the other hand, Amane's friend, Tomomi, suddenly appears at her house with bags on her shoulders. It appears that Tomomi's husband cheated on her. Tomomi told Amane that if a husband cheats on his wife, he shouldn't tell her. He should at least lie about it or something. "Sometimes, lies are necessary." Amane began thinking really deeply about this statement.

The day before, Yoshida-san took some fliers and left. Amane visits Yoshida-san's company to thank him. Because of Yoshida-san, Amane was praised by her boss. She sees Yoshida-san talking in French to some foreigners and is impressed. Amane only came to say thank you but Yoshida-san suddenly asks Amane to marry him and go to France. At Yoshida-san's company, employees are given the chance to work abroad only if they find a partner before they go. And they must be married before going. Amane didn't know what to say.

On the other hand, Takashi's boss, Furukawa Eiko, tells him that Osawa, who is the boss of an electric company in Kanto, has agreed to allow Takashi to continue work on the CD. The only condition is he has to arrange and include their commercial music on his CD. He agrees.

That day, Takashi sees Amane and invites her to lunch with him. Takashi tells her that the CD deal wasn't going well for him. Amane tells him, "If you let it go, it would be so much easier on you" and Takashi replies "Why should I let it go?". Amane replies, "Because maybe you believe in something." Takashi started thinking about this statement and made a decision.

Takashi starts walking towards the building where Osawa is at and is surprised to see his boss talking with Kaori. It seems that Osawa is Kaori's father. Takashi automatically discovers that Kaori was the reason why the company allowed him to continue work on his CD. Takashi and his boss meet with Osawa. He tells Osawa, "I know this is a business. But I don't want this kind of business messing with my CD. There are certain feelings and ideas in this CD that I want to cherish." Takashi apologizes to Osawa and leaves the office. Takashi totally threw away the CD deal, but he felt right in doing this. He didn't want his CD to be just another part of business.

That night, Tomomi's husband, Shimura, comes to Amane's place to apologize to Tomomi. Amane is shocked when Shimura says "I didn't want our marriage to start from a lie." When they both leave, Amane starts writing a message to hata. At the same time, Takashi begins writing a message to Teru Teru Bozu. Amane writes the truth down and that she is actually a bank employee living in Japan. Takashi also writes down the truth but in the end, he writes his full name, Hasegawa Takashi. Right after Amane sends Takashi her message, she receives the message from hata. But she can't bring herself to open the message.

Takashi receives the message from Teru Teru Bozu and begins reading it. But he doesn't like what he sees. The message is titled "Sorry!" and at the end of the message, she says sorry and goodbye(for good).

On the other hand, Amane decides to trash the message from hata.