With Love Synopses

Episode 6

Takashi and Amane both stared at the Statue of Liberty with mixed emotions. Takashi was wondering why Teru Teru Bozu would lie to him, and Amane regretted her mistake, and was still thinking of how to apologize to hata.

Kaori read the messages that Takashi wrote to Teru Teru Bozu and began to think a little differently about Takashi, but nevertheless, was still in love with him.

Amane wrote to hata ,"It still surprises me that there is a Statue of Liberty in France and I wanted to inform you really bad so that's why I wrote such a thing. Sorry!". She tried to write something with lots of humor in order to apologize to hata but everything was a lie. She didn't even live in France. Then she got a message from hata saying, "Have you heard of the statement 'Once in a blue moon'?". He explained what it meant to Amane and after that, she felt that hata was closer to her than ever before. She felt he was right next to her.

The next morning, Takashi went to Amane's bank to withdraw 50,000 yen from a CD machine but only 40,000 yen came out and it seemed that the machine was out of 10,000 yen bills, so Takashi called maintenance to help.

Amane came to help and went to her boss to report the case. But her boss thought that Takashi tried to get another extra 10,000 yen bill because there were lots of people like that and to him, Takashi looked like just another one of them. Takashi found this out and told Amane to forget about it.

That day, Takashi meets with Kaori and tells her that he wants to break up with her, but Kaori says that their relationship wasn't that serious in the first place. It was only a physical relationship. Takashi tells her that he wants to be in a romantic relationship with someone, and right away, Kaori knows that he is talking about Teru Teru Bozu(Amane).

On the other hand, Amane meets with Yoshida-san to apologize about Takashi playing her boyfriend to try to make him give up on Amane. Amane thought that Yoshida-san would hate her after learning this, but instead, he told her that he started liking her more.

Yoshida asks her ,"Do you plan to be alone for the rest of your life?". Yoshida-san didn't know what to do in order to make Amane like him so he was getting a little worried and mad at the same time.

That same night, Yoshida-san meets Kaori at the bar and they drink together and talk about a plan. That plan involves him and Amane and to get them closer together.

The next day, both Takashi and Amane catch the cold and Amane has to take a break from work. Yoshida-san comes to her house and takes care of her. He makes her hot wine.

On the other hand, Takashi's boss tells him that they need to meet because it is an emergency, but when he arrives, his boss pushed him into a helicopter. It takes off, and in the helicopter is Kaori. Her radio program is celebrating its 1-year anniversary, and they decided to hold the radio program in the sky. When the radio program starts, Yoshida-san asks Amane if he can turn on the radio, and he does with her permission. This was part of his plan with Kaori. Takashi is the guest for Kaori's radio program, and is forced to answer questions regarding his love life, but can't say anything because he knows it is all a plot by Kaori. Kaori told Takashi to answer all the questions or she would tell the listeners the truth about their relationship. On the other hand, Amane falls asleep because of the hot wine, and right after she dozs off, Kaori inroduced a request from Yoshida-san to Amane, but it fails. Also, a bouquet of flowers arrives at Amane's place from Yoshida-san, but because Amane is asleep, Yoshida-san has to receive the flowers. He was really shocked. Yoshida-san can't seem to wake up Amane, so he decides to turn on her computer. He sees the e-mail messages she sent to someone called hata, and he is really shocked at the contents.

The next day, Amane writes to hata saying that she will return to Japan for a short while. She then gets a message from hata saying that he would like to meet her, and he tells her that he will be waiting at Tokyo Tower at 1 PM and will be holding some music papers.

Amane goes to Tokyo Tower on time, and waits for hata. When someone comes out of the elevator, Amane sees him, and says, "You are hata?". She looks shocked.