With Love Synopses

Episode 5

Takashi had sent a message to Amane saying that he wanted to know more about her without knowing that Teru Teru Bozu was Amane. The two didn't know too much about each other but were already starting to develop feelings towards each other.

The next day, Amane sees Takashi and apologizes for slapping him, and for making Takashi take part in the scheme to get rid of Yoshida-san. Takashi also apologized to Amane and went off.

Takashi was told that the song he would be making for a commercial should have a little taste of French pops in it and while thinking about it in a bar with Imai Kaori, he sees Yoshida-san talking right beside him. The whole time, Yoshida-san was asking Takashi all sorts of questions about Amane and Kaori became a little suspicious after hearing all of this.

After Takashi arrives home, he writes Teru Teru Bozu a message asking what kind of music is popular in France and Amane doesn't know what to say and so the next day, she goes to the CD shop in the building only to find Takashi there too, looking for music popular in France. While Takashi is trying to leave, Amane asks him "Do you happen to know what kind of music is popular in France?" and Takashi becomes a little suspicious after hearing this.

At the bank, Imai Kaori visits Amane and talks about Takashi with her but since Amane is not serious with Takashi, she can't answer. Before Kaori leaves, she tells Amane ,"Did you actually think that he was in love with you seriously?" and after that, Megumi finds out that that woman was a popular radio DJ for TOKYO FM. They were really surprised to find this out since she was so beautiful.

After talking to his boss about work, Takashi gets another phone call from Yoshida-san saying that he wants to know more about his relationship with Amane. Yoshida-san is surprised to find out that Takashi doesn't respond to Amane's name, meaning he is not really serious about her. Takashi still didn't know Amane's name so Yoshida-san automatically knew that he wasn't actually Amane's boyfriend.

Teru Teru Bozu writes back to hata saying that the soundtrack for a hit movie is the most popular thing in France right now. And it so happens that the producer of the movie was Joan Ricar and that she was in Japan and so Takashi felt really good. She then writes to hata that today, she ate lunch in front of France's Statue of Liberty.

That Sunday, Amane was really looking forward to going to the meeting with Joan Ricar but she was told that she had work on that day and so she was really shocked. As soon as work finished, she rushed to the meeting only to find out that it was over and a party was being held. As soon as she sees Joan Ricar, she knows in an instance and walks closer to her, only to find that Takashi was talking to her. Takashi then introduces Amane to her and Amane speaks to her in French. Takashi is impressed by this.

After the party finished, Amane and Takashi walk outside together. Takashi tells her that Yoshida-san knew that the two weren't going out and Amane apologizes for making Takashi take part in the scheme. But then Amane tells Takashi that Kaori visited the bank. She tells him, "Kaori really thinks that you are serious about her. When it comes to women, you have to be more serious." After hearing this, Takashi makes a decision.

Takashi meets with Yoshida-san and confesses that he wasn't really going out with Amane. But Takashi then told him that Amane really wanted to fall in love naturally, but that Yoshida-san was being too forward.

Kaori visits Takashi at his house but since he has to leave for work, he accidentally leaves his computer on and leaves Kaori there to wait for him. Kaori then finds the messages that Teru Teru Bozu wrote to Takashi and is shocked to find the statement written by Takashi saying "I want to know more about you."

After work, Takashi goes outside of the building only to find France's Statue of Liberty right outside. It seems that it was transported to Japan for a memorial of peace. This really shocked Takashi because the previous day, Teru Teru Bozu told him that she was enjoying lunch in front of it. He wonders why she would lie to him. That night, Takashi sees Amane looking at the Statue of Liberty and both stare at it thinking about each other (hata and Teru Teru Bozu).