With Love Synopses

Episode 10

Amane ended up not reading the message from hata saying he was Hasegawa Takashi, and threw it away. She wanted to put an end to her relationship with hata because it started from a lie, and when Amane thought about it, she started lying constantly, and she felt really bad for hata. And she was falling in love with him. Takashi was still thinking of the heart-breaking message he got from Teru Teru Bozu last night which read, "I don't want to lie to you anymore. I can only apologize for having to say sorry(forever)." Takashi was shocked at this message and couldn't concentrate on anything.

Takashi and Amane met in the morning, at Tokyo Opera City, but they didn't talk to each other. Amane was thinking about the message she sent and Takashi was thinking about the shocking contents of that message. While getting out of the elevator, Takashi dropped his keys, the same ones Amane picked up in front of the Statue of Liberty(she thought they were hata's), but Amane wasn't able to see because the elevator closed.

Because Takashi dissented to the electricity company being the sponsor for his CD, his boss, Furukawa Eiko, and his other fellow employees were busier than ever. Takashi tells his boss that he would like to be his own sponsor for the CD but his boss says, "What are you saying? Not even a junior high school student would say such a ridiculous thing!". On the other hand, Kinoshita Kentaro was getting along fine with his deal to produce a song for a commercial. Takashi was losing to Kentaro, who first joined AVA for a part-time job.

At the bank, Amane, like usual, didn't get along too well with her boss. He always made her do little jobs that mostly first-year employees would have to do. Her fellow employees found out about the fact that Yoshida-san proposed to Amane. She didn't know what to do. She began to regret throwing away that last message from hata.

That night at the bar, Yoshida walks in only to see Takashi by himself. He thought that Takashi was waiting for Kaori but he wasn't. Yoshida-san tells Takashi that he proposed to Amane and may be able to go to Paris with her. Takashi begins to think about Teru Teru Bozu when Yoshida-san talks about France. Yoshida asks Takashi, "What do you think about Amane?" and Takashi replies, "I think she will become a good wife!". Yoshida-san tells Takashi that he is still a little jealous because Takashi has kissed Amane before but he hasn't. Yoshida-san also tells Takashi that Kaori has helped him a lot when talking about Amane and what to do to please her.

That same night, Takashi calls up Kaori to come to the dance club and she comes. Takashi is all drunk. He is still shocked over the message from Teru Teru Bozu and he tells that to Kaori. Kaori tells Takashi "When a woman falls in love, she becomes prettier but when a man falls in love, he becomes ridiculously foolish!" and she leaves. Of course, she was talking about Takashi. While trying to stop Kaori, he falls on the ground and his glass also falls, shattering.

The next day, at the bank, Amane's boss screams at everyone for not working hard enough. He tells everyone to make sure that customers who have money, make cards at their bank, and to make sure that they deposit a lot of money. He also tells them to ask their friends to make cards too. Amane begins to regret ever working at the bank in the first place. That night, Amane drops by Takashi's apartment because he didn't completely fill out the form for making a card. She also wants to talk to Takashi about Yoshida-san and his proposal to her.

Takashi tells Amane, "Yoshida-san loves you more than you think he does.". Amane then tells Takashi that she was not able to meet the person who she wanted to meet, which was, of course, hata. Amane then asks Takashi if he was able to meet the person he wanted to meet, but he said that he couldn't. That was, of course, Teru Teru Bozu.

While Takashi is signing the papers, Amane looks around Takashi's room, and sees that there is one room with a lot of machines. He explains to her that one of the computers is for making songs. He also has another computer and she asks him what it is for. He says, "I use that to send things. For example, I use it to send songs to people or to my company", and when Amane hears this, she begins to think about hata and that Takashi resembles hata.

They both stare at each other for a while when the door bell rings. It is Ito, who wants to help Takashi get a sponsor. Amane leaves, while thinking about Takashi's words.

Takashi didn't trust Ito and didn't like the way he thought and so he made him leave.

The next morning, Takashi gets a phone call from Kaori. She says that she wants to talk with him and tells him that she is outside of his house. She tells him to wear something formal. When they arrive, Takashi finds out that they have come to a tennis court. Takashi then sees that one of the old men playing tennis was Kaori's father, Osawa. A few days earlier, Takashi opposed of Osawa being the sponsor for his CD because he didn't want business to be a part of it.

Osawa and Takashi both apologize for what happened a few days earlier. Osawa then tells Takashi, "You know, when I made that decision to be the sponsor for your CD, I didn't listen to any of the songs you produced, but Kaori let me hear one of your songs titled 'Once In a Blue Moon' and it reminded me of when I fell in love back then and it made me realize the true beauty of love." Osawa then asks Takashi again if he could be the sponsor for his CD and use "Once In a Blue Moon" as a commercial song. Takashi is really happy after hearing this and assents to Osawa being his sponsor. Outside, Kaori tells Takashi to kiss her if he really wanted to thank her. Then she tells Takashi, "Just kidding!" but the next moment, Takashi kisses her. Kaori began crying and had to leave for work.

That night, Amane's friend, Tomomi, stops by her house again. Amane tells Tomomi that she is wondering is she should go to Paris with Yoshida-san. Tomomi tells Amane, "You should marry a person who wants to marry you, instead of if you want to marry him" and after hearing this, Amane decides to go with Yoshida-san to Paris. The next day, Amane and Yoshida-san meet and Amane tells Yoshida-san that she will go to Paris with him. Yoshida-san becomes really happy and embraces Amane. But Amane has doubt in her eyes.

Amane calls Takashi and tells him to come to their engagement party if he has the time. She tells Takashi, "I have caused you many problems and you have helped me in those times". After hanging up, she begins to think of Takashi and his resemblance to hata.

At the engagement party, Kentaro and Midori wonder where Takashi is. The next moment, Takashi walks in. He meets with Amane and Yoshida-san and tells them, "Congratulations!". He then gets a phone call on his cellular and has to leave soon. But then Yoshida-san gets an idea and tells the announcer something. Then the announcer tells everyone, "At this party, a famous music producer for commercials and a former member of Ash, Hasegawa Takashi, is here and we would like him to play a song on the piano for the engagement party." At first, Takashi dissents but he is forced to go up to the grand piano and play a tune.

Yoshida tells Amane that this is a present to her.

Takashi thinks about what to play but then starts. Everyone, especially Amane, stares at Takashi while he begins to play.

At first, Amane didn't recognize the song, but then she realizes that the song Takashi is playing is "ONCE IN A BLUE MOON"! The night before, Amane threw away all the messages from hata but the only one she couldn't throw away was "Once In a Blue Moon". She listened to it that night and couldn't stop crying.

She stares at Takashi with tears in her eyes. She began to think about the things Takashi has told her about music, and all the advice he has given her. She says to herself, "hata-san".

When he finishes playing, Takashi tells Amane and Yoshida-san to live happily together and leaves for work. Yoshida-san sees that Amane is crying and she tells him, "Sorry" and gets up and leaves the room. She thinks about it for a while but then starts running, to find Takashi, or hata.

When she finally sees Takashi, she says to him, "hata-san. You are hata-san, right?" and Takashi turns around and stares at Amane.